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Specialised Rodent and Bird Control in Sydney

Being experts in the pest control industry means we have all the tools, equipment and knowledge to ensure complete termination of all Rodent and Birds that may be infesting your property. Being local to the Western Suburbs of Sydney also enhances our knowledge of the seasonal activities and what species of pests are causing the most trouble.

Property Pre-inspection for pests are required by law, so you’re not left shocked or surprised after the sale is complete. Western Sydney’s Termite Control scheduling is somewhat non-existant, so the onus rests on your shoulders as the purchaser of the property.  So when you are thinking of purchasing a new property in the Sydney area, be sure to give us a call as part of the sale process.

Full pest inspection and treatment services can be completed before you shift into the new property. We prefer this process as it allows us to do a complete pest control treatment of the property without the contents in place.

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