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Unlike some other pests, discovering a termite infestation may be difficult. Termite Control Sydney wide causes some major problems. It is often difficult and often you will not see the termite itself, rather, the effects of their activity such as cracked, blistering or bulging paint or hollow sounding wood. If you believe you may have a problem with termites in your property, it is important to book an inspection as soon as possible. By treating the infestation early, you have the best chance of avoiding significant structural damage that calls for costly repairs.

Our team will thoroughly inspect your property before giving you a detailed report on our findings. If termite activity is found, we work with you in order to find the best solution moving forward. If treatment is needed we want our clients to have peace of mind the job was done to a high standard, which is why we offer a 100% guarantee.

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Termite Control Sydney

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Termite damage in N.S.W has been estimated to exist in at least one in five houses.

Economically termites cause greater damage to timber structures than flood, fire, storms or any other natural disasters.
Identification of the species is a vital part of our job. Out of the hundreds of species of termites in Australia there is only a relatively low number that are pests of timber. The termite’s role in the natural environment is the breaking down of dead or decaying timber and other cellulose materials. Therefore of the many species of termites that maybe identified within the boundaries of a property may not require any treatment at all.
As with borers, correct identification is valid as the misidentification of the termite species can result in unnecessary and expensive treatments that’s why here at Concerned Pest Control Sydney we do not rush our jobs we take our time in identifying the type of termite species so there is no unnecessary cost to you our client.