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Even for those who do not suffer arachnophobia, discovering a spider problem on your property is enough to make your skin crawl. While finding any eight-legged visitor in your home can be distressing, it is particularly serious when you are dealing with venomous spiders such as the funnel web or red back.

We offer Spider Control Sydney wide, so if you are looking for fast and safe removal of these pests, you can rely on the team here at Concerned Pest Control Sydney.

Spiders can be beneficial insects as they catch insects which invade our homes such as flies, cockroaches and other pests. But being bitten from venomous spiders such as funnel web spiders, white tailed spiders and red back spiders can cause very painful wounds and in some cases even death.

Having spiders in and around your home can be very dangerous to you and your family.

Here are some handy and helpful hints for keeping spiders away from you and your family:

  • Regular cleaning of your home
  • Remove all existing spiders and their webs from in and around the home
  • Wear gardening gloves when gardening around the house
  • Block off entry points such as vents, cracks in window sills and doors immediately
  • Check and clean garages, garden sheds and cubby house regularly

Spider Control in Sydney should be completed every 6 to 12 months to ensure your home remains safe and spider free.
For safe and efficient elimination of spiders in your home call our professionals today at Concerned Pest Control Sydney.

We provide domestic and commercial pest control services that quickly eliminates your spider problem at an affordable price. With over 10 years of experience and the peace of mind that comes with a 100% guarantee on work, you can choose our team with confidence. Jobs big or small, we offer an effective solution that leaves your property pest free as soon as possible.

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Spider Control Sydney

Red-back Spider

Size: (F) 10mm length (M) 3-4mm length

Appearance: Black – Brownish orange/red stripe on abdomen

Habitat: Amongst Rocks, Shrubs, bushes, sheds, outhouses and logs

Spider Control Sydney

Wolf Spider

Size: 1mm – 30mm

Appearance: Brownish with Eight eyes in 3 rows

Habitat: Bush or Forest, Coastal areas, Alpine terrain & the home

Spider Control Sydney

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Size: 10mm – 50mm

Appearance: Dark Black- Plum – Pointed Fangs
Habitat: Burrows – Cool/Damp in Shub or rock areas. East Coast
Spider Control Sydney

White Tailed Spider

Size (up to): (F) 18mm length (M) 12mm length

Appearance: Slender, Reddish/Grey bodies- White spot rear tip
Habitat: In and around the home – they do not build webs
Spider Control Sydney

Mouse Spider

Size: 10mm – 30mm

Appearance: High distinguished head, (F) black (M) blueish tinge
Habitat: Burrows containing traps door
Spider Control Sydney

Garden Orb-Weaving

Size: (F) 20mm-25mm (M) 5mm-10mm

Appearance: Large abdomen, Hairy Body

Habitat: Bush/Forest, In and around Gardens

Spider Control Sydney

Huntsman Spider

Size: (F) 35mm-40mm length (M) 15mm-25mm

Appearance: Legs have ‘spines’, smooth but appears furry

Habitat: Under rocks, bark, sheds, garages

Spider Control Sydney

Sydney Trapdoor

Size: (F) 25mm-30mm (M) up to 20mm

Appearance: Chocolate Brown (M) have ’boxing glove-shaped palps’
Habitat: Burrows up to 250mm with trapdoor
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Pest Control Sydney
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