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Cockroach Control Sydney

Whatever species of cockroaches may have infested your home or business, you can trust Concerned Pest Control Sydney will ensure that they are completely exterminated. We actually guarantee it!

Ensure you call the experts in the industry. We carry all the required licences and also off a 100% Guarantee that the work we carry out is as effective as you expect. For commercial pest control, don’t hesitate and risk the health authorities penalising your business. Be ahead of the game and ensure your premise is completely pest free.

We are Sydney’s finest when dealing with Cockroach Control.

We look after all cockroach control in Sydney, ensure you call the experts!
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Domestic, Enterprise and Commercial Cockroach Control

The most interesting misconception about cockroaches are they are all considered pests, in fact there are over 30,000 different species of cockroaches and only about 30 of them are classed as pests.

Cockroaches will eat anything and everything, the worst part about having to control a cockroach infested home in Sydney is that it is increasingly hard to eliminate them due to the amount of time they can live without food. Cockroaches can live without food for up to six weeks in total. They are also what is called thigmotropic, meaning they love being in tight crevices and spaces with feeling on all sides. Female Cockroaches also lay up to 40 eggs per capsule depending on the species.

Also don’t be prepared to try and cut its head off in order to kill it, they can last for weeks without it due to the way they’re built. They are also incredibly hard to catch as they sense changes in air currents and stimuli and can run as fast as 80 centimetres a second, meaning all of these traits are simply impossible to control cockroaches without a professional like concerned pest control.

Cockroaches generally live up to about 26 weeks however due to the number of eggs per females life span which is up to 20,000 a year makes it very difficult to control the issue yourself.

The risk for cockroach infestation is pretty scary including hookworm, tape worm, viruses and in some people asthma attacks and allergies.

Prevention includes keeping your home including floors meticulously clean, no food scraps or leaks etc. keep holes and cracks covered.

Cockroaches also emit an odour/chemical this is why you will generally find more than one cockroach in an infested area as the chemical is emitted to entice more cockroaches to an area.

In order to control cockroaches in Sydney it is best to hire a professional in order to find less obvious hiding places and to ensure a pest control operation is put in place.

Due to the warmer climate in Sydney the cockroach’s problem is harder to control, they love warmer areas and are attracted to areas where they feel warmth mainly in kitchens and storage areas.

Everything you need to know about Cockroach Control:

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    German Cockroaches

    Measurements: Measuring approximately 1.3 to 1.6 cm
    Typical Appearance: Colourings of tan through brown to just about black. They have two dark parallel streaks running right from their head to the base of the wings.
    Where to look: These insects are particularly associated with hotels, food processing facilities, apartment blocks, restaurants or cafes and retirement homes. In the cooler climates, you can find them closer to human habitats, as they are not very tolerant to cooler temperatures.

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    American Cockroach

    Measurements: Measuring 13mm to 16mm
    Typical Appearance: Adult species can grow up to 40mm
    Appearance: Red/Brown with a chance of a little yellow tinge. Younger cockroaches are similar in appearance to adults except that they do not have wings.  These are quick, in fact they are one of the quickest insects around.
    Where to look: Moist areas, If they have good access to a water source, they are capable of living in drier conditions. Warm, humid conditions suit these species best. Commonly found in crawl spaces, basements and walkways adjacent to buildings.
    Scavenger by right, they feed on nearly anything of decaying organic matter. Prefers fermenting type of foods.

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    Brown Banded Cockroach

    Measurements: 10mm – 14mm in Length

    Typical Appearance: Tan to brown. A couple of coloured bands across the abdomen set this species apart. Normally noticeable but on the odd one or two, these can be hard to find. Male species wings cover the abdomen part of the body, where as the females do not.

    Where to look: They require less moist conditions than it’s German counterpart, so they can find places to stay in and around the home more easily. This species are commonly found in restaurants or takeaway premises. Nocturnal so seeing these during daylight hours is rare.

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    Australian Cockroach

    Measurements: 30mm –35mm in length

    Typical Appearance: Brown. Similar to the American Cockroach and can be mistaken for it regularly. Smaller and carries yellow streaks by the wings.
    Where to look: Tiny cracks and under doorways. They are quick on the ground and also have wings, so are hard to beat in the air.
    Do not like the cooler temperatures so finding them in Alpine areas is not common. Survivable in both damp and dry conditions, subject to water being available. Mainly feed off organic and leaf matter rather than eating other species.

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    Oriental Cockroach

    Measurements: 25mm in length

    Typical Appearance: Glossy Black with a hint of brown tinge. The female species seems to be wingless but they do carry two just below the head.  The male has long wings, these cover a large percentage of the body and are brown. Male has a narrow body compared to the female.
    Where to look: Probably the slowest of the cockroach species Nicknamed “water bugs” as the live in cool damp areas. They can be found outside under fallen leaves, under mulch, in or around grass clippings and other damp places outdoors.