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Pest Control Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains pest control is essential to ensure the area is kept with it’s picturesque with breathtaking views and clean fresh air. It is mostly surrounded by incredible gum trees and fauna.

Due to the natural environment throughout the Blue Mountains, there is a particular pest problem locals need to not only be aware of, but take preventative action on.

Termites in the Blue Mountains

The main concern is the prevalence of termites also known as white ants in the Blue Mountains. The reason is that they resemble white ants in terms of size and colour. There are currently 350 different species of termites in the area and unfortunately this number is increasing dramatically every year.

Termites live on wood, cardboard and paper. This is particularly a pest issue in the Blue Mountains because even in urban areas gum trees surround homes if only by a metres. This is why it’s become an increasing issue throughout the area.

It is always better to ensure you use preventative measures and bring in a professional such as Concerned Pest Control Sydney to advise you on the best way to do this.

Termites live in colonies consisting of anywhere between several hundred to millions. There are Queen Termites and King Termites, the Queens can lay up to a couple of thousand eggs a day, constantly breeding and a never ending pest. They are hard workers working up to 24 hours a day. They also can eat up to 7billion tonnes of wood a year. It only takes less than three months for a termite to destroy structures within a home and more problematic insurance companies will not cover for termite repairs for structural damage caused by this insidious pest.

Ways to tell if you have a termite problem? Look for mud like tunnels, cracks in walls and damage to flooring in your home.

If you find a nest of termites it is imperative not to interrupt them, you will scare them and they will find new home quickly and begin damage to a new area. Take immediate action with termite control in the Blue Mountains and call Concerned Pest Control Sydney on 0416 266 027 or head to our Contact Us page.

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